Menswear collections inspired by iconic pieces, modernized for the now, to become tomorrow’s classics. BILLY is designed to be versatile and interchangeable, cut and fit for a man, yet edited to be ultimately genderless. Transitional pieces 24 / 7 for the confident outsider – enigmatic and effortlessly cool.

BILLY is designed by Holly Jovenall and handcrafted in Los Angeles, California. Holly meticulously directs the brand to express individuality through innovation and knowledge of classic design. Her vision is a reflection of pulling back and not having to proclaim who you are all the time.

2017 marks the departure from the private client, vintage based program launched in the Fall of 2015. For the past two years, BILLY has catered to artists, stylists and publications.  The exclusive service has grown into a full line for the Fall of 2017 forward, releasing small capsule collections between seasons.

Holly’s impulsive nature of dressing to develop her own personal style stemmed from many aspects of her youth.  She loved appeasing her mother’s infatuation with femininity and perfection. She was a trained dancer, raised on a horse ranch and worked alongside her father on construction sites. Her father’s influence and adoration of her natural, tomboyish style is the cornerstone of her design sensibilities.

With 10 years in the fashion industry, Holly has styled high-end private clients and consulted with well known fashion houses.  She houses a covetable vintage collection in LA, referenced and shopped by respected fashion icons, influencers and well-known brands. Holly’s obsession with menswear and goal of filling a void in the industry has led her to develop BILLY - a menswear label named after her father, with select womenswear pieces, all fully wearable by anyone.

The amalgamation of a girl’s envy of alpha male aesthetic and the unearthing of comfort in femininity. Both masculine and feminine, the brand’s universe is enigmatic, innovative and conceptual, grounded by classic, modern minimalism.

BILLY is more than just clothing.   BILLY is an attitude. BILLY embraces the past, looks forward to the future yet exists in the modern world.


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